Friday, August 6, 2010

Week #9

Well I can't believe that I have finally come to the end of our voyage and at time I must say I have felt a little sea sickness :) at times and there have been some times when I have felt like I was walking the plank and not sure if I would ever get it... I do really need to use this technology more often in order to feel more comfortable with it.
I am very thankful to Michelle for her patience and desire to help myself and others learn and hopefully they will use some of the information she has provided in this workshop.
It will be alot of fun using the Wordle again with our students again this coming school year.
I look forward to hearing about my fellow shipmates on our campus when school starts back.
I do have to admit that I find it hard to comment on other peoples blogs for some reason. I am more of a face to face kind of person it just seems so impersonal to me. I must still be OLD SCHOOL as my daughter would put it.. this too is something I need to overcome :)
So thank you, thank you Michelle for setting up this voyage for all of us and being such a GREAT CAPTAIN!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

week #8

Took the Atomic Learning pre-test WOW!!!! It was hard and I feel like I didn't learn a thing :( it just proves to me that I really do learn by doing and the more I do it the better I become. Technology is so fast paced and every changing it some times feels hard to keep up let alone remember what you have learned and then apply it. It is kind of like learning a different language it you don't use it you will loose it!!!

I really liked the Myth and Lore We Share.... I have always been interested in Myths and Folk Lore. I think that this would be something fun to explore in the library with our students especially since the Percy Jackson series has been very hot with our students and also the movie release of the Lightning Thief. This series has definitely sparked an interest with our students and them wanting to learn more. It would be hard to do online research with our younger students but I feel that the older grades would really like learning more about different Myths and Folk Lore

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wordle - Laura's Word

Wordle - Laura's Word: "Wordle: Laura's Word"

Week #7

I am currently the Library Aide for my campus, our campus does have a mobile computer lab.

Kid Pix Deluxe has so many sites to choose from, I found it hard to navigate and choose.

Wordle: Our Library already uses Wordle for the Bluebonnet project that the kids do. The Kids really enjoyed doing this it helps with their vocabulary skills, word association, story comprehension by using key words.

TerraClues: seems a little advanced for our campus, possibly 4th grade, I had fun searching the clues but, at times I got lost or confused as to what I was looking for as the clues got harder.


Kid zone and Word sift could be used in conjunction in the library, using a "word" for that week and then using word sift to display different images and uses of the word would enhance vocabulary and increase reading comprehension.

Week #5

Using blogs and wiki's can be a helpful tool for both teachers and parents for communication purposes; however, I am concerned that with using a wiki that the informantion posted can be changed. If was to interact with parents or relay specific information and leave it open for input I would use a blog. You could use wiki for keeping up with inventory and locating items within your campus.

Week #4 continued